I live far from the UK, but I would still love to work with you

Location is no problem for us. We have worked remotely on numerous occasions, always satisfactorily, thanks to new technologies. Instant communication and current bandwidth are our best allies to carry out any musical project, so you have nothing to worry about.

Are the prices on your table fixed?

As a general rule, they are fixed, and when they are not, we make it very clear so that you do not have any doubts. There are services where we work from a base price, or throughout a specific range, and, if you require a particular external service, whose price will be added to the fixed cost of the service you contract. Anyway, in these cases, we will never increase the price of your order without prior agreement.

How and when do I have to pay?

After discussing the details of the project in detail, and before working on it, we will require you to pay us a deposit of at least 50% of the final price. You can choose between paying the entire invoice at that time, or paying the remaining 50% within 15 days of delivery of the final product.

Once I receive the production I have ordered, can I do whatever I want with it?

Definitely yes. When acquiring the song, you will also receive the transfer of the corresponding patrimonial rights, and this will be stipulated by contract. However, the registration in PRS For Music or similar organisations will have to be done jointly, and in the event that your song is published by a label, as producers we will request 3% of sales, which is the standard procedure in the industry.

Can you record real instruments? Do I have to pay any extra for it?

Our studio is quite complete and comfortable, but we specialise in electronic production, so unfortunately we do not have all the existing acoustic or electric instruments. Ask us your query, and we will tell you what we can do about it. We’re not going to charge you extra for anything we can record ourselves, but you may want or need a external professional performing. In this case, we have a complete schedule of musicians that we can count on to complete your production. You can also contribute your own performing, if you wish, which will be included in the production at no cost, obviously.

Are you also a record company? Can you release my song?

No. We are not a publisher or record label, so we do not perform such tasks. However, we have a very good relationship with some independent labels in the industry that could be interested in the material produced, as long as it fits their policy and needs. It costs us nothing to ask them to take a look at your new song, so who knows…

Why is it necessary to ask you the price if I want a megamix?

From our extensive previous experience, we can tell you that there are many factors that determine the creation of a megamix, starting with the number of songs to be mixed, and ending with the style, the number of effects, or the delivery deadline. Send us your query and we will value all these factors to make an estimate adapted to your budget and needs.

When I ask you for a creative mixing service, is it enough to give you the list of songs?

No. Keep in mind that, for legal reasons, we do not sell music for which we do not hold the relevant rights for its commercialisation. What we sell you is the “manpower” that we apply to the music tracks for their unique and personalised transformation into the product you need. For this reason, you need to provide us with the songs on which we are going to work, in the best possible quality (minimum WAV or FLAC, stereo, 16 bits, 44100Hz).

In the invoice that you have sent me, the taxes do not appear. Why? Isn't this illegal?

No, it is not illegal at all. The British legal system protects us to the extent that we are exempt from the collection and declaration of VAT as long as we meet a series of requirements.

Your prices seem high. Can you give me a discount?

Our prices are adjusted to the current market average, and we can even tell you that right now we are a little cheaper than the competition due to our inaugural promotion (which will also last a few months). We have also made some very interesting savings packages available to you, and there are other conditions (such as agreeing on a non-exclusive assignment, for example) that will help you lower the final price of your project even more. If the cost still gets out of hand, tell us about the budget you have, and together we will find the right formula for your project to go ahead, for sure.

Your prices seem high. Can you place my order for free?

Sorry but no. We live off of this.

For more information about these and other issues, please take a look at our T&Cs section.

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